Random Cam Story:

The planned sexual jamboree had finally come, after lots of meticulous planning. As an aficionado of kink, no stone had been left unturned. Besides cross-referencing the adult-site and Facebook, time had been spent googling. Months were spent charming the metaphorical pants off of this submissive, a shy mom hungering for affection as well as a dosage of humor and thrills.

As instructed, after arriving at the hotel she slipped into lingerie, and gagged herself to make sure none of her drivel got in the way of our play. She found me waiting in the bubble bath as expected. This activity was planned to put her mind at ease. After all, what woman doesn’t like frilly clothes and bubbles on the skin?

Next once the webcam was in place, I tied and stripped her down, placed her on the bed with tied ankles, handed her a dildo, removed the gag from her mouth, and signed into Chatroulette. As instructed, she repeatedly chanted “My daddy’s cock is the best,” and “I’m a cum-slut” until three guys shot their load for her. I videotaped everything to email it to her co-workers and family - unknowingly - later.

Then I took a silk blindfold and cushioned hand-cuffs from my Slut Accelerator Kit. Hand-cuffed her ankles and wrists, and covered her eyes. Next from the kit I took out my video recorder and filmed her sucking my cock while she repeated, as instructed, “Thank you number 23 for making my your cum slut.”

After fingering her until she was wet I dipped into my Slut Accelerator Kit for the other two items: an Exacto knife and prepared script. Pressing the knife against her neck I murmured: “Ok you stupid cunt. You have one last task. Read from this script.”

“You’re kidding, right?” she asked, voice quivering.

After removing the blindfold and breaking the skin of her neck just enough to let some droplets of blood flow, I replied “I’m not kidding you dirty cunt. Read from the script and you’ll get to go home.”

Finding her 14 year old daughter’s name on her mobile phone, I pressed send and handed the script to be read, while tightening my grip around her neck. As instructed, she began to read…:

“Tara, honey? This is mom. I’m at a hotel room with a guy I’m gonna fuck. You’ll get the video by email in the next few hours. I want you to know I’m a horny slut and have cheated on your dad 23 times now, and I always like to swallow cum. Don’t be ashamed if me it’s fun. I’m telling you this because I want you to grow up just like me. Screw anybody you want honey…and make sure you lick pussy a few times too it’s fucking amazing. I gotta go now so I can get one load of cum in my mouth and one in my twat. See you soon. Love ya bye.”

As instructed she then hung up. By then gobs of my warm cum were dripping from her cheeks and chin.

I saw myself out of the hotel room and took the net flight out of the country, knowing full well it would be next to impossible to ever track me down.

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